Saturday, May 28, 2011

RTN039: ALLES EINBRECHER "Work. What Songs Are What Life Is."

Today we release Alles Einbrecher's "Work. What Songs Are What Life Is (Deluxe Edition)". It was once dropped by Alles Einbrecher as an insider's collection of ideas. And was never supposed to be an album. But after some months and a lot of wow's about it they realized they had produced something unique and that it indeed was an album.
So since then we have been driveling to release it, waiting for their confirmation to do so, and today we are very proud to be able to show you this piece and its five additional songs that weren't featured on the original album.
If you want to buy the digital release follow the link at the bottom. It's a "name-your-price" price, so you decide how much you want to spend on it. If you want the physical version, write Alles Einbrecher to, because they are making these beautifully handmade packages for only 10€.

1. the 1st (138 bpm)
2. the 2nd
3. the 3rd (88bpm)
4. the 4th (129bpm)
5. the 5th (85bpm and one time 60bpm)
6. the 6th (233bpm)
7. Worship
8. Mr Greifels
9. Meeting 8pm In The Shower
10. the 1st (Pjtr RMX)
11. Two 2 Step Booze
Total Playtime: 32:27

buy/listen @ Bandcamp

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