Monday, October 12, 2009

Cyan Kid's German Pop Today: STOCKHOLM (+Cyan Kid & Riga Bro cover songs)

(cyan kid: Talking About German Pop Today, I'm Talking About STOCKHOLM.

THIS BAND IS a one-person-project from nordrhein-westfalen, germany, playing guitar and glueing it to computer sounds since september 2004. the sounds are queer and deconstructive. but never perfect. stockholm loves to play live and independent and be fed with strawberries.
So Says Her MySpace. I Only Saw Her On Stage , Between One And Two Times, She's One Of The Few Brilliant Songwriters In Deutschland And Her Song RIDER Still Makes Me Nod

Stockholm - Rider

Me & Riga Bro Dig Her Since We Discovered Her Back In The Days When We Just Started To Gig With Our Own Band And Were Happy To Hear Such Sounds Coming From Nearby. Now We Both Did Our Cover Version Of The STOCKHOLM Song WE'LL BE OKAY:

Cyan Kid - We'll Be Okay (Stockholm Cover)
Riga Bro - We'll Be Okay (Stockholm Cover)
this song was released on RTN028 "Mimi King"

Not Good To See She Hasn't Been Too Active Lately, So I'm Posting 2 Great EPs She Did Back In 2007 (She Surely Got Hits: Zombies In The Subway, Christian, Happy Couples):

"Reverb" Promo EP

1. New Year
2. Zombies In The Subway
3. Christian
4. Awful
5. Angel
6. Partywracks

Download Stockholm - Reverb [Promo EP 2007].rar


1. We'll Be Okay
2. Rock N Roll
3. Happy Couples
4. I Am Not A Robot

Download Stockholm - [Promo].rar

Followed By Most Of Her Other Songs, Including Earlier Electronica Instrumentals (Ranked From Best To Worst)::

Stockholm - Kill Me
Stockholm - Submission Guideline

Stockholm - Bloody Sunsets
Stockholm - Múm
Stockholm - Relevant
Stockholm - Schlaf Ein

Also Don't Miss This Concert Recording, Including A Great Version Of BLOODY SUNSETS:

Stockholm - Live Ladyshake 12/04/2005

Download all songs from this post as .rar file

Booking Stockholm:
stockholm DOT music ( at ) gmail DOT com

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see this post.

I used to talk to her often, and actually did a remix for her song "bloody sunsets" years ago.

We met because my musical project is named Stockholm as well.

Haven't heard from her in years, but would love to. Can reach me here: