Thursday, October 8, 2009

SOLARIUM, The 2nd Invasion!

What the fuck! SOLARIUM has gathered again! After 2 years of contemplation they are still insane, they are still brilliant, presenting a session of 4 songs, which later that night led to the CITIZEN GOLF hit "Zeelax". After hard work they produced this, following their hard rules: After every Solarium session one member is dismissed (and eaten up). Sorry Gonzilla!

Personnel June 2009:
Terpentina Oehlen / Dr. S / Cyan Kid

Solarium - Good Bye Solarium
Solarium - Scheide Schneide
Solarium - Going On A Party Alone
Solarium - Body Index

Not to forget: The first session, early 2007, released now on Ramin Ton:

15 minutes of drums, jaulen, krächzen, schreien, spoken word, gitarre, synthesizer, drumcomputer, nörgelei

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