Wednesday, October 21, 2009

KABELBEIST soundscaping your garden (2006-2008)

KABELBEIST is a dead band from Oslo, Norway.

(Cyan Kid): "I once met Kris & Martin when they still called themselves KRIS MARTIN SHOW, in Berlin somewhen in 2007. I think I remember they spoke a lot of CAN & 80s drumcomputers & jamming & cutting songs out of jams. And they gave me this cd:

Kris Martin Show Promo CDR [2007]:

1. Going Limbs
2. Ellie
3. Disownment
4. The Passerby


Lately I've been walking around in Oslo during the Oya Festival and saw one of them playing at some place and thought of their great songs! In the meantime Kabelbeist does no longer exist, so I wanna show some of them... Kris sent me a lot and I ranked it. I like it when the snaredrum comes.

Smile Dis Bis Be Having [4:46]
Beast Love [2:41]
Pegleg Sailor [8:28]
Virtues Of Rice [5:33]
Nakata [5:56]
Scope Of The Beast [3:31]
Subtle Flavour [4:39]
Daisy The Rompler [3:41]
Pet Sounds Frequencies [9:41]
Ruversune Remix [10:14]
Stampeding At The Rodeo! [4:19]
The Rise [7:02]
Bananabandana [6:23]
Nygh [3:12]
Talk Leader [7:42]
Beginning Of Innings [6:15]
Greasemonkey [9:38]
Shred As Is [4:49]


This is a nice fanvideo of their hit:

I haven't yet checked out Kris's new band, but you should: Rosix Noir at myspace
After all, Kabelbeist is announced to rise again in 2010!"

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