Friday, January 2, 2009

BEST BANDS and WHY THAT????? of 2008

This is the ONE AND ONLY post of never ending last year nostalgia: What band was THE band of 2008 and WHY TAHT???. The topic says it all and bores everyone NOT INTO IT to death. Please comment as much and as boring and as stupid as possible(please be REALLY stupid)(and please be as INSULTING as you can! This is the ONE AND ONLY blog filled with an unstoppable love for selfhatred!)(I mean, what to love if not yourself? That would be: YOUR SELFHATRED!!!)(I mean, please kill me now, because the bracket rate is up at 84 and that means I am close to death by selfrelection). And if you aren't stupid. Please do as if you were. PLEASE! (please?)

I want to start as abusive as a moderator can be with the magicaly uncool group of british boredom in sheets "THE WAVE PICTURES". And as abusive as I am I used my rights to bore you even more with a foto of the band (up).
The WHY???:
They obviously like Herman Düne, which, as I heard is considered a crime in 14 of 27 EU-Nations. (I don't know it for the Arabian-League, but someone told me, could be worse). With that information given you might ask yourself, how can this blog guy who writes as if anyone would read or even be interested in this whole post, get the band out of the BAND OF 2008 Minus region up into the BAND OF 2008 Plus region?
I heard them somewhere in early 2008 at a Jeffrey Lewis concert. It was the song "Long Island" (I've found two versions of the song by searching hypemachine, listen to that one that has the worse sound, it has the better feeling) in which he sings "I am the real Slim Shady" that made me fall for them (ahhhhhh, sweet)(yeah thank you...). I think it is the best line in a song 2008 too! YES YES YES. The song is a total masterwork. That's it really. And the band doesn't look in any way as they sound. They sound like Long Island, as if they have never been cool enough for Downtown Manhattan, or such stuff. But coming from the UK. And after their sound, they look like as if they aren't cool enough to be anything, and that is what I DESERVE LIKE CREAM! That's it.


Anonymous said...

fuck why??? whats up in your crappy brain. oh ne myspace member since january 08- so i vote for oh ne everywhere i can vote. unfortunately there there are not as often as desired listed. i kiss your ass , haha cause i heard you like küschen auf der arsch.
+ for them. + for the silver jews.
+ for tv on the radio. + for P.
you know what i mean.
fuck on

NOT Riga Bro! (really!) said...

Oh Ne hit it. But hit it not hard enough. As the man from the other side of the street said to me yestertay. he said: OH NE, that is nice, but cannot it be nicer. Why does it always have to be so loud? (in the city of inge...) And I asked him back: Why isn't it loud enough for you? And he was like "no way?" i said yes that is it! you are it! and that i said is what oh ne is. and was and will be till the day they decide to conceptualize their art into one piece of eternal sublimitiy that none of us hopes will EVER HAPPEN!
By the way: I would say: BEST SONG OF 4th part of the 2008 was the hit from Riga Bro'S hands that everyone can hear at his myspace page (link is in the comment header) which is called "die nacht zuvor 2" or something like that. BECAUSE: it hits! like a hit has to.
By the other way: Rock music, for me personally, is, in its only interpretation, a barbarian act of mindless completeness that evokes ghosts and heads. and without it its not rock. and rock has never been done. (But in the song "die nacht zuvor 2" by riga bro) and that is why it is the best song of the world.
P.S. I am stupid.

Anonymous said...

i am sorry, but i have to say, oh ne are the loosers of 2008, because they didn´t put steffi as a single out there. which is a shame.
best band: britney spears, because she did the best record she could possibly do with the hits break the ice and gimme more. although i don´t think she had any idea of what she was doing, when she recorded it. plus: she looked so cute with her head shaved!
so, obviously, oh ne should do the same as brit: get a new haircut, accept the total absence of control and put your fate into the hands of someone, who knows how to handle such delicate situations.

the singer of the oh ne said...

Yes. Absolutely my word, says the singer. And when you talk about that person you talk about the person who won the city meisterschaft of football yesterday?

riga to the bro said...

am i the only one who is serious about this?
2008 was the year of nostalgy. i did get to know much new music, but not contemporary music. 2008 was the year of the 80s in the raminton-family, you know that im right.
firstly: these could be the bands of 2008, but i listened to them too late: atlas sound, deerhunter, gang gang dance, rings, these new puritans, beach house, magnetic fields.
the truth is that animal collective is the band of 2008 (because of the great encore at berghain in october). but the truth is boring. binaire is the band of 2008!! because theyre not famous like animal collective and they played a great show at köpi. they released a new record called “bete noir”, which contains the coolest mosh-part in the history of rock (the song is called elsar ghüntar). and the lead singers name is flo. like mine.
very interesting. pjtr you cunt. do you want 2009 be nostalgic, too? whats the sense of this post? dont molest our family with your shitty ideas. dont waste our time. release your “best of pjtr” on your own.
the lead singer of oh ne is a reactionary motherfucker.

come on. i need reactions.