Sunday, January 4, 2009

BEST BANDS and WHY THAT????? of 2008

best album 2008 is def3nitely the d0ldrums by ariel pink. though it was rel3ased in 2006 it 1s my album 2k8.
Because of its strength and int3nsity, of its col0rs, its night, 1ts darkness, of its artyness, 1ts queeryn3ss, l0on1ness, manicn3ss, dryness, its dim3nsi0ns, sw33tn3ss, un1queness, 3ch0es, big c1ties athm0sph3re, ligths, d1rt, au10nticity, bubblyn3ss, overm0dulat1on, 1mpulsivness, silmpl1city, its human3ness, labyr1nth, steamyn3ss, psych0delicy, bord0m, flow3rs, patience, fashi0ns, complicat0ns, twil1gth, t0ys, insp1recy, powerplants, melanch0ly, stud1pness, cl0sen3ss and ko1ncidances. this 1s what I r3alized last year.
It to0k a long time for me to love ari3l pinks musik. I already got in c0ntact w1th his music in 2005 after I talk3d to him at a concert. I liked some songs but it didnt mean much to me. then in the last year I discovered that the doldrums is the most concentrated ariel pink.
unrealistic and peculiar. and so why should there be another post? everythigs said. this is the best album, thats it. yes wave pictures are nice, too.


Ramin Klon said...

Ariel Pink is bonus cool. Last year was the year of the Pink. BUT: no new album. the songs with the other musicians were great. BUT: no new album. The total Ariel Pink hitsingle of 2008 was "Maus is missing" which isn't an Ariel Pink hitsingle but his other bands hitsingle: Holy Shit. They are great. I heard someone saying they have some songs done that would make a great album, but nothing is planned. I hope for Ariel Pink, John Maus and the MAtt Fishbeck and for their health that plans will be planned for 2009.

Anonymous said...

sorry again, but ariel could never be the band of the year, because of his sexually tensed up and therefor very intimidating look. I like the music, but i hope i will never meet him.

waldemar said...

you fear the love of an insane idiosyncratic wanker? then you are wrong here, man! MU-HA-HA says the owl that flew to the tree with the twinkling eye. the tree who lived by the river of laughter. close to the city of waldemar. who is in his way a nice guy. you just can't have him hanging around you all the time.
personal trainer for exhaltierte vergnügen wanted. please give me a sign. any kind of sign. i will wait for you my internet prince.

cyan kid said...

the shameful list of overground highlights twothousandeight

portishead: third
beach house: devotion
sebastien tellier: sexuality
animal collective: water curses ep
magnetic fields: distortion
mgmt: oracular spectacular