Friday, October 21, 2011

RTN044: CYAN KID & ALLIE "Early Demos"

Cyan Kid & Allie's "Early Demos", a collection of early collaborations and remixes of their solo songs.

Words from Allie:

"It is a collection of songs that date back to 2007, the transition period of our band Team17, which was my brother Cyan kid, Allie and Lutz OK, and the albums we made solo and with other bands since then. In this time, my brother and I worked in several recording sessions in the city of Braunschweig on a LOT of songs at once but somehow got stuck, couldn't agree on the final touches and so we didnt finish one of them. Eventually we ran out of ambition in the late summer of 2008 and since then the songs were lying around on my brother's harddrive and in the corner of our minds.
To just forget about them was something I considered, but all the ideas and work still meant a lot to us. So I am pretty happy and thankful that Cyan kid found the time and energy to start working on them again this year, especially because I did not.
Now they are released and still between demo and song, because they only could have been finished 3 years ago and we missed that chance. But they are put in a pretty dress that they deserve and need to represent all the memories from an important time of music making in our lives.

All songs written & produced by Max Boss & Florian Boss at Fluma Studio between 2007 & 2011
except 'Fashel' & 'Zorro, I'm Sorry (Remix)' written by Team17 (M. Boss / F. Boss / Lutz OK)
'Lala' written by Team17 & Ra Saite
'Jodokus' written with Ra Saite
'Brother Song' written with Pjtr Kaufmann

'New Besom', 'Gypsy Mess', 'Bed' & 'Zorro, I'm Sorry'  originally on 'Riga Bro: Notes The Early Tapes'
'Fever Night' orginally on 'Cyan Kid: Dream Baby'
'Twenty-Four' originally on 'Allie: Mimi King'

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T0m0akl3y said...

I've just heard Bed remix from someone posting it on facebook and it's lovely. Gonna listen to all of these now.