Sunday, August 23, 2009

Old and small. Interview with Animal Collective from 2004

this is an interview with animal collective from 2004. Taken from the best music site.
That's how I got to know their music. Although the quality is very poor, the video is really great.
I thought it'd be interesting to post this right after my MachMach!1 Post (which are recordings from that time), because Animal Collectives approach was for me, although very different from mine, the only one I could relate to in 2004.
the original link.



leif said...

noticed the interviewers name?
look out for a blood brothers feature!

Jon to Johnny said...

Yeah I did. But this Mr Whitney is just another great Mr Whitney.

protnok trent zwo said...

compare: johnny whitney
(new video of "jaguar love" bzw. "the cheeseballs of portland")