Sunday, January 11, 2009

vampire state midi download remix action

your interpretation of the TEAM17 classic "vampire state" (also previously reworked by the band with Django Gonzalez live at Beautyfest, see the video in older post)! We reconstructed the melodies and structure of the original version from the 2004 album as a midi track file. Now you download the file and change it however, BUT follow these rules:

-the first drum track is only for orientation, you're allowed to delete it
-don't delete the other tracks
-don't move or edit the clips
-maybe don't edit the tempo. but i'm not sure about this one. maybe try it

What you need:
Ableton Live

What you do:
-load the project file: link
-rock / pop
-send it to us: look (at) !

man it's gonna be great!


udssr-zustand-technisch-gesehen said...

bei mir funktioniert das nicht. da steht irgendwas von einer neuen zu meiner inkompatiblen version...jodér...

Pjtr said...

What do you mean "don't delete the other tracks" and "don't move or edit the other clips" should i only change the instruments?
are you looking for someone producing your songs better than you do?
he he.

Anonymous said...

you need the newest version of ableton live. get it at

(you now this whole post is only a hidden advertisement nfor ableton)

cyankitsch said...

no boy already have the hit lying perfectly in front of me on the table hehe
mh, not only instruments,,effects, volume control (which is kind of deleting also) whatever, and of course adding stuff.

kangoo gonzalo said...

wieso redet ihr eigentlich alle englisch?