Sunday, August 1, 2010

Live at Pomographie

Pomographie was an exhibition happening in Germany last month by the artists Per Mertens and Max Boss. Here are 2 videos of Ramin Ton artists performing live, plus the new video for Allie's song Beaverchristmas:

ALLIE premiering his album "Mimi King" [RTN028 / Ramin Ton] secretly live @ Pomographie, 26/6/2010, for a handful of invited guests.

Camera & Editing:
Max Boss & Ramin Soleymani
© Ramin Ton / DEB Film 2010

"No More "I Love You's""

A song written by Joseph Hughes & David Freeman in the 80s and made famous by Annie Lennox in the 90s, performed by Cyan Kid & Allie live at Pomographie, 9th July 2010.

Camera: Carolin Hansson
Sound: Ramin Soleymani
Editor: Max Boss
Dur: 4-10
© Ramin Ton & DEB Film 2010

The video for the song of the same title by Allie feat. Cyan Kid from the album "Mimi King" [Ramin Ton 2010]. Shot on locations in Chongqing, China und Berlin, Germany by Max & Florian Boss.
Edited by Max Boss & Per Mertens.

Ramin Ton 2010 / Deutsche Emotionale Brillianz Film

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