Friday, June 12, 2009

Alles Einbrecher: What?

This is two days work by Alles Einbrecher. 6 recordings of voice and guitar.

What Songs Are What Life Is

1st 138bpm
3rd 88bpm
4th 129bpm
5th 85 and one time 60bpm
6th 233bpm

these songs have been released on RTN039: ALLES EINBRECHER "Work. What Songs Are What Life Is."

(Chi Chi's return in "The 4th")
-Alles Einbrecher

1 comment:

Future Boy said...

cool, i like it!
this is the good old mertens (-cover) and the good old pjtr (-music). is nice on ice also playing?
2nd is my favorite (the changes!), its supposed to be the single. please write down & post the lyrics.