Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Ramin Ton is growing

The two-piece-band BINAIRE from Marseille (FRA) are planning to release their new, third album next summer in collaboration with Ramin Ton.
Ramin-Ton-artists Lutz OK, Riga Bro, Cyan Kid and Django Gonzalez have been digging their music all the way since those rainy magical night in spring of 2006 with Binaire on stage. Last winter we got in touch and now it's official:
They will do their recordings in May, mix it like good bands do, and release it in October on Vinyl + CD in France, while Ramin Ton will offer it in Germany as free download on our blog. Thereon Binaire are planning a big tour in April of 2010 across the German lands.
Please check out their fine music


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