Friday, April 10, 2009

Secrets I found out about Pjtr Kaufmann

Pjtr Kaufmann has no MySpace but he has the Virb (and there he has more songs up than he has here! Shoot him or drown him? Cokstuff him or GlassAss him?). He is from Equatorial Guinea and click on either one of the pictures and you will find someone is mysteriously selling two of his records... (Yet it's the only placeyou can still get them) He uses Lloopp but got blocked in their board because of this message(???). And the Gabba scene calls his work Bambule experimental. Further the 68 users that must at least somehow know him tag him "avant garde, diy, electronic, experimental, geil, genius, glitch, indie, lesser known yet streamable, lo-fi, new weird american, psychedelic, rockunderground" and "zouk". His favorite artist on is Spüli and he hasn't listened to music since july 08? His Biography on says "Es ist BESSER GRÖ?ER und alles X1000! PREISE so günstig wie NOCH NIE! JETZT fest ZUSCHLAGEN!!! EINMALIG! Nur für ftzSIE! Ich liebe weich! EINFACH FANTASTISCH! Trauen sie sich. Seien sie kein Spielverderberftz. Machen sie es einfach. Keine PAUSE MACHEN. NIEMALS. NIEMALS. " Someone on a strange board calls himself pjtrkaufmann and makes rascistic jokes.

This will take you to some of his newer works here on our site

This is his new favorite Art-Film that his friend Mriot from the great band Don't showed him


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