Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Mad Decent not Alles Einbrecher

i tried out my new controler. but instead of sounding more like actual instruments it ends i sound like dr. mario... i put this acapella track i found on this mad decent website on top of it and it fit. with the tempo. how stupid it often is making music: i put the song up on this site because they say "give the remix we love music" but im stupid, they meant: remix contest! ... i am stupid because i didnt think about the meaning. now im part of someone's next top someone. if we lived in a democracy the show would certainly call itself "someone's next top someone". i mean i understand someone picking someone then saying "i love you" but i feel wrong when someone comes picks someone and says "you are loveable unlike the others". that is unimportant meaning of someone about someone that they do not know anything about and then person cries that can only be when the later someone doesnt know anything about himself. but that again is always. but what does the first someone know about himself that would make his opinion valuable? (you have to believe him!) that is a question that i have got to ask in this times of today!!!! why?

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-the man from the band that likes to pretend they are egyptian predecessors