Monday, November 10, 2008

Larry Floyd's death

Last Saturday Larry Floyd died of a very rare disease that disfuncts the urethra and kills you very slowly. The end is usually that the muscles (as you know the heart is also a muscle) soaked up so much of your pee that they just disfunct as well. So it happened to Larry Floyd. We are all very sad, but we know his legacy will keep on living.
We would like to present you the last song ever recorded by Larry Floyd. Paper Boy. He wrote and recorded it in a time when he already knew about his deadly disease and his muscles soaked up so much already that he was only able to sing the song, while the instruments had to be played by friends and family. The disease is heard all the way through the song. But nonetheless the song is a great statement of man that tells us never to give up and that life only finds and end if we begin to forget.

Larry Floyd Jazz Band - Paperboy

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