Tuesday, April 15, 2008

RTN002: Ne+ "Freigesprächliche Komposition"

Ne+: ‹Freigesprächliche Komposition›

Today is the day of our second release. Ne+ (which means Oh Ne + Django Gonzalez) recorded this 34 minutes of music someday in 2006. They had been playing every day for a week. Always trying to find something special, something new during these sessions. There was about 20 hours of material from which they picked these 34 minutes to exemplify the news they had.
This record is one of the best improvisations ever. The sounds and noises hovering, scratching, hurting on this record are inspired in a way only a handful of records can compete with. Guitars, Bass, Drum Machine, Kaoss Pad & FX & Distortions. Compareable with Can's best jams, but with a different mood. Something about the woods and a heavy rain. Old ruins of villages. Lost people living lifes in rhythms far from city rhythms. Something interesting, some hope, some fear of never finding anything in this world that could be big enough.

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This is an old one. I noticed it has never been posted for download. So:

Ne+ "Freigesprächliche Komposition (The Summerjam Remix by Ra Saite)"

It is Oh Ne playing together with Django Gonzalez. Their style isn't at all what it is now. Not that much defined, yet a really great track.


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